Homestead America is a full-service multi-family property management company specializing in complete or partial management of multi-family apartment communities.

With over 2,500 residential units throughout central Ohio, we've built our reputation on a solid history of providing outstanding performance and maintaining trusted relationships. At the cornerstone of our success is our skilled, close-knit management team where we combine talent, expertise, and professionalism with a positive, pro-active approach to solving management issues. We share a vision of creating welcoming environments with well-manicured gardens, spotless common areas, and inviting home interiors. Together, we've upheld a proud tradition of fulfilling our residents needs while exceeding the financial expectations of our clients.

Why Homestead America?

Our niche. Our small size enables us to offer more personalized attention to our clients’ properties and to their residents. We recruit conscientious employees; then invest in them through extensive training. We are energetic and nimble, with a hands-on style and quick response times. All of this serves to increase resident retention and maximize rent – a winning combination for our clients.

Our people. Our on-site leasing professionals are friendly, detail-oriented, and prepared, with ongoing training in leasing techniques and current industry trends. Our clean-cut, certified maintenance technicians respond quickly and professionally to property needs while striving to minimize expenses. And at our headquarters, located right here in central Ohio, Homestead America’s corporate team members back our on-site property representatives with years of experience in real estate and property management.

Our curb appeal. As a boutique property management company, we have a flair for curb appeal!

Market studies reveal that 78% of prospective residents decide within the first three minutes of a property visit whether they want to live there. That is why we, at Homestead America, place such an emphasis on ensuring each property always shines from the outside in. By pledging to keep our grounds well-manicured with seasonal plantings in strategic focal areas, keep freshly painted entries and common areas and always maintain a park-like setting we want to capture that prospect within the first two minutes of their community visit.

Each June we hold our annual “Ben Franklin Contest” in which each of our managed communities competes to win Homestead America’s coveted “Best in Curb Appeal” Award. Each property’s on-site leasing and maintenance team strives to make its property stand out from all the others as they beautify, clean, update, repair and prepare their community for the high summer leasing season. It’s a fun, competitive contest that encourages .pride of ownership. in our conscientious on-site management teams and maximizes the rental income of the property.

Our financial objectives. At Homestead America our number one goal is to meet the financial objectives of the owner. We employ state-of-the-art property management software which has powerful financial forecasting abilities. Combining the benefits of this software with the years of experience that each of our team members have, we prepare a very detailed and concise annual budget for each community. Each of these budgets are painstakingly reviewed and approved by several layers within our organization before final review and acceptance by each respective property owner. Because at Homestead America we know it is the annual operating budget which becomes the roadmap to success and will ensure our clients. financial objectives are met.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • When I first began interviewing property management companies to turn around a community I own I was most impressed with Homestead America. Their systematic, no-non-sense approach to increase occupancy was innovative, creative, and real. They immediately sent in a very seasoned manager to properly train the leasing team, created cost-effective leasing incentives, made modifications to the advertising and within five months increased occupancy from a struggling 82% to 96%! –Brian Barker, WInchester Oaks Apartments

  • The previous company managing my apartments always had a reason why expenses were so high. Common sense told me the expenses could be lower so I changed management companies and hired Homestead America to manage the property. I saw an immediate reduction in expenses and by the end of the year they shaved 16% off the expenses from the previous year–Mike Schiff, Clintonville Commons

  • Whenever I drive past a Homestead America property, I can't seem to get over how sharp and crisp everything looks. From the Fall Harvest Patio Decorating contest held each Autumn, to the Summer Garden Club, Homestead has a special talent in getting the tenants "loving every minute" of beautifying their homes.–Doug Falor, Hampton Woods